Friends of Utah: Joshard-Martin Mbambi-Moyale

Mr. Joshard-Martin Mbambi-Moyale, a native of Gabon, is a freelance entrepreneur and founder and CEO of CAET, Scoops Canaan, and JM Entrepreneurship, an NGO serving as a platform for social entrepreneurs to promote education and community development. In June 2017, Mr. Mbambi-Moyale participated in the Emerging African Leaders: Entrepreneurship and Business Development program which is designed to help International Visitors understand how to successfully manage a business. Participants learned of the ideal regulatory environments to help businesses flourish, how to overcome societal barriers to business management, explored successful business models, and met with companies involved in social entrepreneurship.

While in Utah, Mr. Mbambi-Moyale met with both private business and government organizations to gain a better understanding of how entrepreneurial activities are fostered and successfully implemented. Namely, Mr. Mbambi-Moyale met with the Small Business Development Center at Weber State University which spurs business development by helping entrepreneurs develop the skills they need to succeed in the marketplace through one-on-one consultation services, training, and educational opportunities. Mr. Mbambi-Moyale also learned firsthand the business operations of the Storm Products Inc., a company that manufactures bowling balls and accessories, and gained knowledge of social entrepreneurship at Cotopaxi, an outdoor gear company which donates a portion of each sale to charitable causes with the goal to eradicate poverty and improve the human condition.

      Joshard Africa Entrepreneur_Friends of Utah_Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy                 Joshard Africa Entrepreneur_Friends of Utah_Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy
                  International Visitors at Cotopaxi learning                                    International Visitors at Storm Products, Inc.,
                        about social entrepreneuriship.                                                a business that manufactures bowling gear. 

Mr. Mbambi-Moyale informs UCCD he learned a great deal on his trip to the U.S. He is currently using his acquired knowledge to launch a new training program at his own JM Entrepreneurship aimed at helping young people create local cooperatives.  He was also inspired to form a sportive association called the Tennis Bridge Community. This association aims to promote and change attitudes toward tennis among common Gabonese people who currently view it as an elitist sport.

Additionally, Mr. Mbambi-Moyale has found time to finish writing a book about entrepreneurial culture in Africa and has used his experiences in Utah to significantly enrich his ideas for this project. UCCD wishes him the best of luck in his entrepreneurial endeavors going forward!