Global Vision

Global visionThe Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy and the Moran Eye Center have teamed up to provide home hospitality to International Ophthalmologists who travel to Utah for a three-month training program through the Moran Eye Center’s International Outreach Programs.

About the Moran Eye Center’s International Outreach Programs

The John A. Moran Eye Center invites the most promising ophthalmologists from developing countries to complete a three-month training program, or Observership, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Observers receive clinical exposure to all aspects of their selected sub-specialty, with a special emphasis in curing preventable blindness through low cost sustainable models. Their schedules include a full rotation in both the clinic setting and surgery, always under the direct supervision of Moran faculty ophthalmologists. 

After returning to their home countries, International Observer Alumni work to train ophthalmologists in their sub-specialty using their newly acquired knowledge and skill sets gained at the John A. Moran Eye Center.  Many Moran physicians follow-up with the International Observer Alumni in their home countries after the completion of their Observerships to help adapt the Observers’ skills to their home environments.

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