Friends of Utah: Rewati Dhakal

Meeting with employees of the Salt Lake Tribune to discuss the newspaper's investigation of Utah's former Attorney General. Meeting with employees of the Salt Lake Tribune to discuss the newspaper's investigation of Utah's former Attorney General.

In April of 2018, Mr. Rewati Dhakal took part in the Accountability and Transparency in State and Local Governments program which aims to encourage the development of more open and ethical public institutions. Mr. Dhakal states that his visit to Utah was “amazing and inspirational” and that his meetings with an “array of experts and champions” helped to enhance his knowledge and understanding of government transparency.

Mr. Dhakal also reports that the IVLP has helped him reform the structure of his nonprofit to be more dedicated to intervening on the provincial level on transparency and accountability issues. These changes are of particular importance as Nepal has recently changed its form of government from a centralized unitary system to a federal system, giving local governments more power to shape laws and regulations.

Rep Dunnigan by Ahmad_Friends of Utah_Utah Council for Citizen DiplomacyMeeting with Representative Dunnigan (R-Taylorsville) at the Utah State Capitol.

Mr. Dhakal has also had the opportunity to work with the U.S. embassy in Nepal as a task committee member to implement a project on transparency and accountability. In this capacity, Mr. Dhakal has worked to organize a one-day workshop between lawmakers and members of civil society with the goal of initiating a dialog to identify pressing issues at the federal, provincial, and local levels of government, and explore ways in which transparency and accountability contribute toward good governance.

Accountability and Tranparency in State and Local Government April 2018 Seminar on strengthening accountability and transparency in Nepal Provided by Rewati DakhalSeminar Mr. Dhakal helped to organize focused on improving governance and transparency in Nepal.

Furthermore, Mr. Dahkal says that taking part in the IVLP has enhanced his profile in Asia, and states his participation in the program was a primary reason he was selected to serve as a Vice Chair on the 2019 Asia Philanthropy Award Judging Committee. Mr. Dakhal will be the youngest panelist on the committee of 100 members to serve as a Vice Chairperson. In this capacity, Mr. Dhakal will help identify nonprofit organizations across Asia that have a significant impact on their respective communities. Mr. Dahkal also successfully advocated for accountability to be one criterion by which to judge the nonprofit organizations applying for the award, effectively encouraging hundreds of nonprofit organizations across Asia to be more accountable to their stakeholders.

Accountability April 2018 Members and Staff of Asia Philanthropy Award 2019 Judging Committee NOT UTAH Provided by Rewati DhakalMr. Dhakal, fifth from right, stands with members and staff of the Asia Philanthropy Award Judging Committee of 2019.

Mr. Dhakal would like to thank UCCD for making his visit rewarding and encouraging him to do good works in his country. He assures UCCD that he will continue to develop more effective tools and programs to promote transparency and accountability in Nepal as well as Asia. In return, UCCD thanks him for keeping us up-to-date on his most recent endeavors and hope him the best in making Nepal a more open society.