Host a Visitor

Help make our Visitors feel welcome in Utah

HH at BethsHome hospitality is an opportunity to bring up to 4 of our IVLP Visitors and their interpreter (where applicable) into your home for dinner and conversation. The guests spend a few hours enjoying the hospitality of you, your family and friends and over the course of the evening both the Visitors and hosts get the unique chance to learn about each other's lifestyle, culture and customs. All hosting opportunities are detailed in UCCD's bi-weekly newsletter

Because of the nature of this program, UCCD and the U.S. Department of State require that home hosts be registered ahead of time.

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Benefits of Hosting

  • Ladies with drinksContribute to your country and your community by volunteering to host international leaders to dinner for meaningful conversation.Help ensure international visitors have a valuable experience and take home a positive impression of the United States.

  • International visitors will return home with positive new ideas about the United States that they share with their families, communities, and peers.

  • Provide an education for your family and friends to learn about new cultures and customs, history, geography, and language... all-important components of an international education.

  • Continue and expand your international education at any age.

  • Help visitors experience real American families and combat stereotypes that develop from images in American television and film.

  • Ensure the success, safety, health, and welfare of our exchange students with a committed, caring and supportive environment.