January 03, 2022

Letter from the Director January 2022

Dear Friends of UCCD, 

I am delighted to kick off this year's digital newsletter with a tribute to the UCCD Board of Directors. Board service is a challenging volunteer role that nonprofits require from their community members. Sometimes, it is thought that board members simply approve motions, write checks, and show up to every social event.  

The UCCD Board of Directors certainly fulfills those expectations just mentioned. However, in the five years I have served as UCCD's Executive Director, I have had the privilege of working alongside current board members and getting to know alumni board members, and what I have seen is so much more than just the roles and responsibilities outlined in a board orientation.  

Past and present UCCD board members are nothing less than a dedicated group of individuals who have a strong personal belief and interest in UCCD and its mission and wholeheartedly believe that we all are citizen diplomats, helping shape foreign relations as simply as one handshake at a time. 

This great group of individuals focused on what is needed for UCCD and our team to succeed. They have guided our vision while navigating risks. The UCCD Board has extended our connections and given us access to places and people needed to amplify our mission, programs, and services. Our board has helped reinforce accountability and urgency. Our board lends credibility. And our board provides that eagle-eye view that helps guide us through difficult strategic decisions.  

So I want to take this moment to give my sincere gratitude to this outstanding group of community leaders who, through their service as UCCD board members, have helped grow and guide UCCD into the exemplary organization it is today.

With that being said, in 2022, UCCD will embark on some incredible strategic initiatives that will amplify Utah's international relations and global collaboration within its civil sector. We need you to join this community of change-makers and help guide UCCD through this exciting time - please consider applying to be on its Board of Directors. The nomination process is open now until March 31, 2022. Click here for additional detail and to complete the application.  

Finally, I want to take this moment to share well wishes and a happy new year with each of you. May you...

Care deeply.
Think kindly.
Act gently. 
And be at peace
with the world.
For this is the 
spirit of the Season

Felecia Maxfield-Barrett
Executive Director