Westminster International Student Hosting (WISH)

Jim with WISH

There are nearly 1 million international students in the United States, contributing over $30 billion to the U.S. economy each year. International students report that by the time they graduate from college they have not developed a network in the U.S. as deep or as broad as they had hoped to. Still, did you know international students provide substantive benefits to higher education students and community members as a source of inter-cultural knowledge sharing and international exposure? What does UCCD do to make help these students feel welcome both on our campuses and in our communities while accomplishing our mission?

Since 2008 UCCD and Westminster have had an innovative campus/community partnership that helps weave international students into the fabric of U.S. communities through WISH. Westminster International Student Hosting gives our community a chance to have our young leaders of tomorrow over to their home for dinner and conversation. Westminster international students spend a few hours having a meal with you, your family and your friends while having an open discussion about American lifestyle, culture, and customs.

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