YDoU - workshops

ATTEND A LEADERSHIP WORKSHOPS- YDoU Workshops (40 Points Total  |  10 Points Each)  -  UCCD Events (70 Point Total  |  10 Points Each)  Throughout the year, UCCD will offer leadership workshops and networking opportunities.  These include such topics as the importance of civic engagement, how to find a mentor, and why engage in citizen diplomacy. You will also have opportunities to meet ambassadors, foreign service officers, and community leaders. Please watch for announcements of these events. 

YDOU Info Session_Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy


Thurs 11.15.18 Food for Thought - Land-Use Rights: This Land is Our Land


Thurs 11.15.18 The First Political Order: Sex, Governance, & National Security
Presented by Dr. Valerie Hudson, Professor & Goeroge W.H. Bush Chair at Texas A&M


Thurs 11.29.18 Food for Thought - Religious Diplomacy: The True Religion Challenge 


Sat 12.1.18 Vivaldi by Candlelight Fundraising Gala - Ciao, London!


Thurs 12.6.18 Food for Thought - Rights of Sovereign People


Tues 1.22.19 Walking the Tightrope: Contemporary Diplomacy in American Indian Country 
Presented by Mr. Franklin Keel, former Regional Director at the Bureau of Indian Affairs


Tues 2.12.19 Unexpected Warriors: African American Diplomatic & Military Contributions on the World Stage
Presented by Ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley


Tues 3.5.19 Why Earth Needs an International Global Ocean Observing System
Presented by Dr. Oscar Schofield, Distinguished Professor & Department Chair, Department of Marine & Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University


Tues4.2.19 Muslims for American Progress: An Evidence-Based Portrait of American Muslims
Presented by Ms. Dalia Mogahed, Director of Research, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding