Global Leaders Scholarship Fund

The Global Leaders Scholarship Fund (GLSF) honors the legacy of Salt Lake City's 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference hosted in 2019. The conference highlighted youth-led efforts in promoting one of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals (i.e., climate action, reduced inequalities, and no poverty). 

The Global Leaders Scholarship Fund works to empower Utah's young people from different backgrounds to participate in critical global conversations with peers from around the world by covering all travel expenses for a recipient to visit an international or national conference.  

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Applicant Qualifications

Chosen scholars of the Global Leaders Scholarship will travel in cohorts to international or national events representing Utah and addressing the global challenges that impact our local and global communities. 

Applicants must be attending a higher educational institution ( i.e., college, university, or approved online platform) in Utah. Moreover, to qualify, you must be between the ages of 18-32 and meet our financial need requirements. 

The GLSF is happy to welcome applicants who are undocumented and recipients of DACA to apply for this scholarship. Please keep in mind that the Global Leaders Scholarship covers all costs associated with travel to a domestic or international conference or event, meaning that our scholarship recipients need to have the authorization to fly within the United States. It will be the responsibility of each applicant to make sure that they can fly within the United States before they apply.  

Tips for standing out as an applicant include demonstrating leadership or leadership potential, a connection to the broader community through volunteerism and service, and a passion for improving one's community. 

The selection committee also values insights from applicants that can illustrate how receiving this scholarship will positively impact their long-term personal and/or career goals.

Global Leaders Scholarship Fund Application

Welcome, Scholarship Applicants!

The Global Leaders Scholarships invest in promising individuals who want to make the world a better place through positive change. Scholarship recipients will attend global events, conferences, and summits held in the United States and internationally.

We invite individuals who meet our eligibility requirements to submit a scholarship application that will be reviewed by the Global Leaders Selection Committee. If awarded a Global Leaders Scholarship, you become a Scholar who will then work with UCCD to identify and make arrangements to attend a global leadership event.

A paper copy of the application will be available in the coming days on this website. For questions about the Global Leaders Scholarship Fund, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To qualify for a Global Leaders Scholarship (GLSF), you must meet ALL the following criteria:

  • Be 18-32 years of age during the 2022 – 2023 academic school year.
  • Live in Utah at the time of travel.
  • Able to travel within the United States or internationally.
  • Attend a college or university or be in the process of applying to a college or university in the state of Utah. (Some exceptions to this requirement may be considered on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Establish a financial need to attend the event. (Must demonstrate household income is less than 200% of the FPL.)

Application Components

The application process will include:

  • Application Form submitted online, email, or in-person
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Financial Verification
  • Commitment to complete a final report and share your experience with others.

Scholarship Application Timeframes

UCCD highly recommends that you sign up for the UCCD newsletter so you never miss a scholarship announcement.

You are invited to apply if you meet the eligibility requirements. The GLSF Committee and UCCD staff will review the applications and award the scholarships. Once you have received notice of an award, congratulations, you are now a Global Leaders Scholar!

Scholarship Fund Amounts

Global Leaders Scholarships cover all expenses associated with traveling to events, including ground transportation, round trip economy airfare, accommodations, meeting/conference supplies, daily food expenses (established by the government per-diem rate), required travel documentation, travel insurance, and other costs identified.

Equal Opportunity Statement

All qualified youth are encouraged to apply, regardless of gender, creed, ethnic origin, race, or sexual orientation. Additionally, UCCD and the selection committee will not give preference based on a youth’s choice of career, college or university, or location as long as the youth lives in the state of Utah.

The 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference Legacy

To continue the legacy of the United Nations 68th Civil Society Conference, Finance Chair Chris Redgrave and Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski allocated funds in support of youth as global leaders and established the Global Leaders Scholarship Fund. Today, UCCD is honored to oversee the Global Leaders Scholarship Fund as an official program that promotes respect and understanding between the people of Utah and other nations.

Click here to read the complete history of how the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference came to Utah.


Our Scholars

  • University of Utah

  • Westminster College

  • University of Utah

  • University of Utah

  • Brigham Young University

  • University of Utah

  • Salt Lake Community College

  • Utah State University

  • University of Utah

  • Brigham Young University

  • Utah State University

  • University of Utah


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