Young Diplomats Leadership Certification

The high school component of the Young Diplomats of Utah program is our Young Diplomats Leadership Certification. This is a leadership development program for high school students interested in engaging with the global community right here in Utah. World affairs is the fundamental basis of our program - we combine knowledge and resources with field experience including cultural events, diplomacy simulations, and volunteerism.

Graduates of our program are committed to civic activism, engaged with Utah's diverse peoples, and practitioners of citizen diplomacy.

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If you have questions about the Young Diplomats Leadership Certification program, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Become a Young Diplomat of Utah

The Young Diplomats Leadership Certification is free of charge open to all high school students in the state of Utah.

The application for the 2021/22 cohort of Young Diplomats Leadership Certification is now open!


The only qualification is that you attend a high school in Utah. Students attending school at home are also encouraged to participate.


The Young Diplomats Leadership Certification program runs for a full-year academic calendar (October – May). Participants can expect a flexible time commitment of about an hour a week throughout the school year.

Young Diplomats are expected to attend hour-long online cohort meetings every other week. During these meetings, cohort members will have the opportunity to talk with experts, meet their peers, and participate in complex diplomacy simulations.

Citizen Diplomacy Badges



The Young Diplomats earn badges for every activity they complete. For instance, scholars may earn a badge on International Affairs in Europe by attending a lecture on the impacts of Brexit, or a Digital Diplomat Badge for participating in a virtual international exchange program.

Badges are grouped into five categories: 1) Citizen Diplomacy, 2) Events, 3) International Affairs, 4) Young Diplomats, and 5) Civics & Advocacy. Scholars are encouraged to collect badges from each of the categories, though they may select the badges that most closely align to their interests.

The intention is for scholars to:

  • Enhance their understanding that Utah is a global community;
  • Deepen their understanding of world affairs through lectures, dialogues, and other cultural learning opportunities;
  • Develop and increase leadership skills encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills, collaboration, and diplomatic negotiations.

A selection of badges, linked with their digital credential page, are below:

 Sports Diplomacy

 International Youth Summit

 Contact a Local Representatitve

Upon earning 25 badges, scholars receive the Young Diplomats of Utah Leadership Certification, a digitally verifiable certification that they can carry with them through their education and career.

Our Model

The Young Diplomats of Utah curriculum is aligned to Utah Core Standards for grades 7-12 Social Studies, emphasizing Civic Preparation goals. An outline of the YDoU learning goals is included below:

Thinking Feeling Doing graphic


Semester Calendar

Participants in the Young Diplomats of Utah program meet with a cohort of their peers, mostly on Zoom. Our model brings students together with a content-matter expert in the field of International Relations, and then asks students to learn about real diplomacy through complex simulations related to real-world events.

A calendar of activities for the 2021 cohort is below, but is subject to change. Proof of vaccination or a negative test is required for in-person participation.

November 6 - Young Diplomats of Utah Orientation and Welcome (choice of in-person or virtual)

Wednesday November 17 - First Topical Meeting

Wednesday December 1 - First Diplomacy Simulation

Wednesday December 15 - Second Topical Meeting

Week of January 1 - Third Topical Meeting

Week of December 13 - Second Diplomacy Simulation

Week of January 1 - Third Topical Meeting

Week of January 17 - Third Diplomacy Simulation

Week of January 31 - Fourth Topical Meeting

Week of February 14 - Fourth Diplomacy Simulation

Week of February 28 - Fifth Topical Meeting

Week of March 14 - Fifth Diplomacy Simulation

Week of April 11 - Sixth Topical Meeting

Week of April 25 - Sixth Diplomacy Simulation

Week of May 9 - Student Choice

Week of June 12 - Young Diplomats Graduation 

Jóvenes en Acción Virtual Diplomacy Simulation

Join Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy and the US Department of State in a virtual exchange between high school students in Utah and peers in Mexico participating in the Jóvenes en Acción (Youth in Action) virtual exchange program.

Meet students in Mexico while learning more about international relations. Our simulation will give you a real and powerful experience in diplomacy while having fun.

About the Simulation

Freshwater Crisis: Energy Security and Economic Growth

Play as one of five teams negotiating the construction of hydroelectric dams in Yeeland and their impact on the habitat of the endangered Lauret Crane in Grusa. Will your team advocate for the protection of Lake Eco's fragile ecosystem? Or will you determine economic development is more important

The teams:

  • The United States Department of State
  • The United Nations Water Convention Bureau
  • The Foreign Ministry of Yeeland
  • The Foreign Ministry of Grusa
  • Save Our Avian Resources (SOAR)

This event is eligible for the Diplomacy Simulation Level 1 and Digital Diplomat badge.

Academic WorldQuest

Academic WorldQuest, a global knowledge competition for high school students, becomes more fun & fierce each year as foreign policy buffs, United Nations enthusiasts, young international entrepreneurs, global change agents, and the universally curious mix, mingle, laugh, and compete for Academic WorldQuest domination.

Teams of four students compete by answering a set of questions in various global categories. Our talented emcees read each question and four multiple-choice options, which are also projected by PowerPoint onto screens. After each set of category questions, your answer sheets are collected by the scorekeepers, and then the emcees review the questions with the correct answers, so you know how your team is doing in real-time.

Diplomacy Simulations

UCCD is proud to offer facilitation of US Department of State Diplomacy Simulations as a key part of our Youth Programming. If you would like UCCD to facilitate a simulation in your school or classroom, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Meet our Young Diplomats!

2020-2021 Graduates

  • Aubriel Vine

    Aubriel Vine

    Lone Peak High School

  • Laila Mora

    Laila Mora

    Lone Peak High School

  • Sofia Detjen

    Sofia Detjen

    Lone Peak High School

  • Ameena Ahmed

    Ameena Ahmed

    Granger High School

  • Kerrianne Skidmore

    Kerrianne Skidmore

    Lone Peak High School

  • Heber Ford

    Heber Ford

    Lone Peak High School

  • Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson

    Lone Peak High School

  • Bridget Raymundo

    Bridget Raymundo

    Academy for Math, Engineering, & Science